2013: Year of the Snake

The Chinese New Year hasn’t happened yet, but on February 10th we will move into the Year of the Water Snake. After conferring with a couple of resources to read about the Year of the Snake, it was clear to me that this year will require some self-discipline, as they all mentioned things like “this is a time for steady progress” and “this year will require attention to detail.” Most of the astrologers seemed to agree that focus and discipline will be necessary to make this a successful year, as well as careful communication.

Okay, I have to admit it – maybe I cringed a tiny bit when I read this. Focus? Discipline? Attention to detail? How do YOU feel about these words? It all seems so…somber. Is 2013 going to be wicked SERIOUS all of the time?!! (insert distressed emoticon)

Of course not! But the prediction for 2013 does seem to suggest cultivating an element of mindfulness, and self-control. The good news is that instead of deciding to become a monk, you can come get regular acupuncture to help you with all of the above!

In my experience, my lifelong goals seem to hover in the horizon like brilliant diamonds… suspended above a turbulent sea. Always aware of them, and mindful of how my goals inspire me daily, I have to admit – it’s the state of the water below them that affects how I feel about their manifestation. “Keep your eye on the prize” is good advice, but it’s not always practical, seeing that we cannot avoid the fact that Life loves to throw curve balls. The goals we set can sometimes get lost amongst the ruckus. Suddenly we find ourselves staring out the window and thinking: “Well, I would have liked to start training for the Chicago marathon, but the railing needs to be fixed and we are almost out of toilet paper. And that pot roast needs to be finished before it goes bad.” Next thing you know, a month passes and the Chicago marathon is 145th on your To Do List.

So, here is my suggestion, for 2013: Commit to regular acupuncture treatments.

And here is the simple (and wildly convincing) explanation to why this is a great, practical goal to set: when your meridians are clear and your shen bright, you can function more effectively. Things get…easier. Life still throws it’s usual curve balls, but you can recover more quickly from said balls. Regular acupuncture treatments help with focus. Emotional stability. Energy. Clarity. All of that good stuff you need to achieve your goals and dreams in spite of the chaos that is Life.

So come in and get poked. We’d love to help the Year of the Water Snake be a successful one!