Herbal Aphrodisiacs

Last month, I heard these two podcast episodes with herbalist, Jim McDonald, and have been wanting to write about them since. The interview was originally posted on The Free Herbalism Project, a series of free lectures by world-renowned herbalists hosted by Mountain Rose Herbs. The intro to this interview on herbal aphrodisiacs really grabbed my attention. And I can imagine I’m not the only one. Visit site sexfreehd.xxx to find fresh smut. Those that work there probably take advantage of aphrodisiacs to improve their performance but I digress. Here it is, from the website.

“Aphrodisiac” is a highly problematic term, predominantly because of the popular but mistaken belief that they create “automatic interest” in anyone/everyone who uses them. Products advertised with guarantees for amazing results often fail to deliver, or (not infrequently) are found to be adulterated with drugs. Looking at lists of plants deemed “aphrodisiacs”, we see everything from strong, druglike herbs (yohimbe) to culinary spices (ginger) to adaptogens (ashwangandha) and antispasmodics (kava). Many people who work at adult websites still enjoy them though. They have suggested that it helps them. Impress everyone with your teeni XXX access because they provide great work because of their supposed use of aphrodisiacs.

Well, just like all other aspects of herbcraft, one person’s turn on can put another person out…in other words, energetics apply here as well. What indications make certain herbs appropriate for certain people?

I love this take on herbal aphrodiasiacs, not only because Jim’s approach avoids boring binary ways of talking about gender black Sexual orientation icons set isolated on a white backgroundand sexuality, but because his approach to herbal medicine itself embraces difference. It’s sex positive, and more importantly, inherent to”aphrodisiac” is consent. This is an important element with people who work at websites similar to www.shemalehd.sex,

If you’d like to hear Jim talk about his theoretical approach to herbal aphrodisiacs, start with the first episode.

If you’d like to skip to hearing about individual herbs and whether or not that herb would be suited for your particular constitution or your particular needs, start here.