Integrative Oncology

Everyone diagnosed with cancer is unique; no two people or two cancers are alike. A person is not a statistic or a disease but rather a whole being deserving of compassionate and comprehensive care. Integrative oncology care fills a considerable need in the fight against cancer and the preservation of an individual’s quality of life.

Dr. Renee Lang provides expert naturopathic consultations as a complement to conventional cancer treatment. She relies on both empirical and experimental evidence to inform her recommendations and to ensure their safety. Dr. Lang is a naturopathic doctor, not an oncologist, and so is unable to prescribe chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or perform surgeries. Therefore, she strongly encourages individuals to be under the care of a medical oncologist who is able to provide conventional treatment and monitoring of the cancer.

The majority of oncologists do not receive training in the safe and effective use of natural therapies. Dr. Lang, board-certified in naturopathic oncology, and well-versed in the available research concerning concomitant use of natural and conventional agents, provides this expertise. The integration of naturopathic care with conventional cancer treatment provides multiple benefits to individuals.

Goals of Integrative Oncology

  • Cancer Prevention
  • Reduction of chemotherapy and radiation side effects (i.e. mouth sores, taste changes, fatigue, neuropathy, nausea, etc.)
  • Nutritional support
  • Immune system support
  • Pre- / Post-surgical support
  • Generally improved quality of life
  • Reduce risk of recurrence


You are the most important person in your healing process. No one else can make healthy choices for you. Naturopathic medicine does not work in spite of you, but because of you. Learning and applying healthy diet and lifestyle choices in your daily life are the most important and effective tools for maintaining and achieving optimal health.

Therapeutic Modalities

Integrative oncology employs nutritional and dietary counseling with herbs, nutritional supplements, and homeopathy to achieve desired health goals. Although still lagging behind conventional treatments, scientific evidence exists supporting the use and efficacy of natural agents in the setting of cancer. Dr. Lang incorporates this data with her clinical expertise when providing recommendations to clients.

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