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Essential 21st Century Life Hacks

How to Be Insanely Productive Without Destroying Your Health

I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical about the title of this podcast, but I’m happy to report that “productivity” is defined here as incorporating certain “rituals” into your life to increase focus and clarity and ultimately (hopefully) help you move more closely to your passion/life work. I really appreciated that this podcast ISN’T about how to be a good worker bee in a culture where many people’s hard work disproportionately benefits those at the top.

My favorite part of this podcast was Kresser’s insightful (and research-based) take on our modern relationship with technology. His suggestions for improvement are helpful rather than preachy. (I despise the kind of argument that’s predicated on “those millenials and their smart phones.” Makes me SMH, since IMHO those kind of arguments are based in FUD.)

The Singularity Is Near

Overload Working Overtime Contemporary Concept
Multitasking. It’s what’s for dinner.

I happen to LOVE modern technology. Not only is some of my work life dependent on it, but I derive great pleasure from interacting with the endless manifestations of binary code. I listen to podcasts during my commute to work, I’ve posted more pics of my elvin daughter to FB than there are diatribes about annoying parents posting too many pics of their kids to FB, and countless times, I’ve googled the leftover vegetables in my refrigerator to figure out a recipe that might include all of them. GoogleMaps makes driving to new places 97 percent more relaxing for me, I have an app that tracks my menstrual cycle, and I love responding to texts with my bitmoji. The world of education is also embracing technology too. For example, nowadays, there are even websites like where college students can get help and support with homework tasks like report writing. A resource like this would have been so useful for writing essays when I was younger.

Just last weekend, I sat in front of a fireplace until 2am with my partner and brother debating the role of AI (artificial intelligence) in our future. My brother works in the world of IT, and my husband makes a living that’s dependent on a very close relationship with his MacBook Pro (he works remotely and writes content all day long). We talked about The Singularity, and I argued that we weren’t as close as they thought we were; I’ve since read more about it and I’ve changed my mind. (Shout out to my bro, Christian, who convinced me to do some more learning.)

The Downside: Too Much Screen Time, Too Much Sitting, Too Much Distraction

Regardless of the wonders of modern technology, I’ve also suffered the consequences of spending too much time in the vortex of blue light. I’ve dealt with back pain, insomnia, information overload, and brain fuzz from overdosing on technology. I thought it had got to the point of no return. There was one time when I even considered inhaling CBD oil through a vape, (Visit this website for more information) to see if this would help to make me feel a bit better. I just can’t believe these health problems can arise through staring at modern technology for too long. I’ve even chosen my iPhone over conversation with another human, until my conscience got around to making me shut if off for the sake of eye contact. Like most people, I’ve found that it’s quite easy to merge on to the information superhighway and miss your exit.

But with time, practice, and a desire not to have a giant hump for a back, I’ve learned (am learning) to have a healthier relationship with my computer and my phone and my Google and my favorite blogs and my cool apps and my Netflix. Like anything else, it’s good to have some healthy boundaries with the webs and the gizmos.

How to Have A Healthy Relationship With the 21st Century : 3 Suggestions That Aren’t Preachy or Annoying

Kresser does a great job pointing out a few recurring patterns of modern life that have a tendency to get out of hand, and provides practical, easy-to-implement ways to maintain balance. I encourage you to listen to this podcast in full, and consider your own relationship with modern technology.

Let me know if you found his advice as creative and practical as I did!