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Acupuncture for Inducing Labor?

In the community clinic, we have helped many a pregnant person through the process of gestation and birth. This post is specifically about how acupuncture can help the body prepare for and enter into labor.

It’s become a common event in the community clinic for a person with a big pregnant belly and a big pregnant sigh to partially recline into one of our chairs and say, “I’m ready to be induced, but can you tell me one more time how this is gonna work?”

Great question!

I was going to write a blog post all about it, but then I realized it has already been written, so instead I’m sharing!

Below is part of a great piece written by Melani Bolyai of Natural Qi Acupuncture.

See the entire post herePregnant woman holding wall clock. It's time. Isolated on white.

Though acupuncture is a natural way to encourage labor, acupuncture needling will not cause labor before the baby is ready to be delivered. The process of natural labor is actually triggered by signals from the baby’s body. Acupuncture needling works on the mother’s body, not the fetus; so acupuncture merely prepares the mother’s body to be as ready and supported as possible for when the baby is ready to trigger the labor process. Labor will not occur if the mother or child’s body is not prepared.