One Podcast Episode You Must Hear!

On the Science (and Magic) of Herbal Medicine

When I listened to this interview with Guido Masé on my way to work last month, I found that his words, quite literally, filled me to the brim. Within the next couple of weeks, I listened to this interview two more times. I’m not through with it, either. I plan on listening to it whenever I need inspiration. About anything, really – not just in the practice of medicine – which makes it doubly awesome, in my book.

So check it out, and hear Guido Masé eloquently explain the science and magic of plant medicine. He skillfully weaves in history and science and tradition to deliver a  fascinating and educational narrative about three therapeutic classes of plants (bitters, tonics, and aromatics).

His message is practical,  potent, and pure, and I encourage you to give it a listen! Check out the interview here.

Below is the link to Guido’s book: