What Does Acupuncture Treat?

“So, does acupuncture treat….”

I hear this question all the time. People want to know if acupuncture treats the specific imbalances that they experience, so they ask about their personal conditions as soon as they find out that I’m an acupuncturist. Well, truth be told – in all my years of treating people, I’ve only very few patients report that they didn’t see result – and in the community clinic, we’re seeing over 100 people a week.

If you’ve never had acupuncture, I’m sure you’re secretly wondering whether or not it hurts, and the answer is a resounding NOOOOO! Acupuncture doesn’t hurt – if it did, do you think it would have lasted 3000 years? Doubtful, seeing as that most people, including myself, are giant wimps when it comes to pain. An acupuncture treatment should involve a deep state of relaxation, even for the most needle-phobic patient out there. The sensation that most people feel at the points is more of a “spreading warmth” or ” deep pressure,” Basically, a nice feeling. A nice, warm, relaxing feeling!

This dog gets weekly acupuncture.
This dog gets weekly acupuncture.

Here is a list of “common” issues that we treat in the community acupuncture clinic – but remember, if you don’t see the issue that bugs you, don’t assume that we can’t treat it.

Acupuncture is commonly used for acute and chronic pain, hypertension, headaches and migraines, nausea and vomiting, menstrual pain and irregularity, menopausal symptoms, poor circulation, immune support, cold and flu, allergies and asthma, arthritis, digestive problems, skin problems, stress/anxiety/depression/insomnia, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, post-operative pain, sciatica, addictions and recovery, peripheral neuropathy, infertility, male and female reproductive health, adjunctive cancer support, and post-stroke recovery. Most people suffering from these issues turn to acupuncture as they think it is the best treatment for them, but it may not be as effective for other people. That’s why they may want to know about a cannabis extract called htfse Sauce which could work better for them. Whether you use acupuncture or cannabis extracts; make sure it is the best treatment choice for you. And of course, if you choose to partake in this, make sure you get the best possible equipment to partake with, such as a set of his and hers smoking pipes.

Acupuncture can also treat “I’ve been staring at the computer for too long” or “my kids are driving me insane”, as well as “road rage is a problem for me” and “I keep dreaming of monsters and fire”. I’m not joking – come on in and tell us what’s bugging you, and let us give it a shot (no pun intended, for real, as an acupuncture needle is NOTHING like a hypodermic needle).

Bet you’ll feel better!