What is Your Constitutional Type?

The concept of “constitutional types” is essential to diagnosis and treatment in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

A simple way to understand the concept of constitutional types is to think of five of your closest friends, and to consider how they differ from one another in regards to their personalities and health tendencies. One friend may have rosy cheeks and a tendency to get angry quickly. Another might tend toward quiet observation, seriousness, and lower back pain. One might be loud and funny, with a tendency for migraines, while another might rarely get sick, yet experience acute digestive issues when stressed.

Our constitutions are our health “archetypes,” or our health tendencies. Variables to take into consideration when assessing a person’s constitutional type include inherited genetics, temperament, common health issues, lifestyle, living environment, and access to basic needs.

Curious to what your constitution is, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine? Take this quiz, put together by the folks at Tree of Light.