Help for Thinning Hair – by Dr. Sasha Rose

Patients have been asking me about remedies for thinning hair for many years. Other than extra biotin and a few other minerals and vitamins, I never had much to offer. 

Skip ahead to the beginning of the pandemic. I was offering only telehealth visits and I had a new patient scheduled. Among others, hair loss and thinning hair were several of her concerns. She mentioned that her hairdresser had recommended a product called Nutrafol.

I looked it up during our visit and liked what I saw: I liked the ingredients and I liked what it didn’t include-lots of extra chemicals. As she was somewhat “asking for my blessing,” I gave it. I saw no risk and only potential gain.

One month later the patient reported some improvement, and at our follow up visit two months later, I could see (over the video connection) that there was definite improvement. 

Since then I have recommended the Nutrafol products to many patients. The take home is this: after three months, every one of them has seen an increase in hair growth! Please note that all of these patients have been women and they have all taken Nutrafol Women (ages 18-44) or Nutrafol Women’s Balance (45+). 

I have been so impressed with the results that I personally have started the Fullest Hair Kit. This includes the Women’s Balance (like a multi-vitamin geared towards hair health), a marine-based collagen powder, and a topical hair serum.  I have only been doing this protocol for a few weeks. I do think that I am already seeing benefits to my skin and nails from the collagen, but check back in a few months about the hair growth!