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Simple Tips For A Non-Toxic Home

It’s A Mad, Mad World…So, Now What?

While there are a growing number of new cookware options on the market, we don’t know enough about them to know if they’re safe — even if they’re advertised as “green” or “not non-stick.” We continue to recommend cast iron and stainless steel cookware as safer options for stove-top cooking, and oven-safe glass for baking. These safer pans might be a little harder to clean, but your health is worth it. -EWG, Healthy Home Checklist

That’s advice from The Environmental Working Group’s Healthy Home Checklist, a practical, informative checklist to assure that your living space is as free as possible from toxins, and complete with suggestions on how to fix any potential problems. I was especially attracted to this list since it favors practicality over fear – it’s good to have knowledge of risk, but it’s better to know what to do if you come across something that should be changed.

From the shampoo you use in the shower to the pots and pans in your kitchen, know what kinds of things you should keep an eye out for, and know what your options are if you decide it’s worth making a change!

See the list here.

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The EWG’s database of cosmetic ingredients is one of my favorite resources of all time. See it at