Welcome to Wildwood

Wildwood will be moving to 16 Northbrook Dr. in January 2022

Wildwood Health Center was founded in 2005 in order to create an environment that fosters a modern, integrated approach to health care for the Portland community.

Recognizing that the art of healing has been greatly compromised by our modern healthcare system, Wildwood provides a patient-centered, multidisciplinary approach to healing and wellness.

COVID-19 – We have implemented strict safety and cleaning protocols for the health of all patients and staff. In addition to following state-mandated protocols we have installed medical-grade HEPA air purifiers in all rooms.

Community Acupuncture

We continue to evaluate public health.

We will re-open Wildwood Community Acupuncture
once we can ensure the safety of all.

Private Acupuncture is available and can be schedule by calling 207-347-7132

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